Our Lesson Program

Whether you are riding for pleasure or competing for ribbons, our mission is to utilize equestrian sports to promote control, self-confidence, and teamwork. At Pine Acres Farm, we carefully select our school ponies and horses to meet our directive of using safe, well-schooled horses.

Our riding program caters to all levels and has ponies and horses that can range from beginner to advanced levels. The basis of our lesson program is to offer a safe environment for all who want to learn about horses and their care.

Our Lesson Program

Beginner: The beginning rider will range from a student who has no experience around a horse to a student who is starting to canter. Introductory lessons cover basic steering, care, grooming, leading & safety, mounting and dismounting, posting and sitting trot, and two-point position.

Novice: The novice rider learns and improves upon cantering with additional lessons in basic half-halts, smooth transitions, trotting poles and cross rails, and two-point at the canter.

Intermediate: The intermediate rider learns how to make flying and simple lead changes, leg yields, shoulder-ins, and turns on the forehand and haunches. They will practice simple jumping courses and single jumps at 2'-2'6".

Advanced: The advanced rider will be able to complete at least a 3' jump course on a variety of mounts. We suggest that the rider should consider leasing or buying a horse at this level to work on goals that are more specific to them.

Lesson Rates
We offer great pricing on our lessons. We firmly believe that students should not have to pay high prices for lessons. We strive to offer very affordable prices for everyone.